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At Commutes, you can make or join a Community without the fear of a group Admin.

We believe that communities should be open without the control of Admins so the members get to decide everything through polls.

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► Abuse of the system

Using commutes in any way that the developers did not intend is forbidden, This includes using scripts or code to open pages and trying to hack the website.
► Cyberbullying

We do not tolerate attacks against a person with or without the abuse of our system. Any attempts made to hack or steal the identity of an individual will result in serious implications.
► Reputation of Commutes

Intentionally trying to taint the reputation of Commutes or performing actions that will result in the act is not allowed.
► Explicit Content

Posting inappropriate content both in the form of text and images is prohibited here, commutes just isn't the website for that kind of content.
► Contribution

Increasing contribution through useless, unrelated or spam posts is forbidden.
► Spam

any kind of spam (such as advertising spam, flooding posts and replies) will result in either a temporary or permanent ban.

(Violation of any rule may cause temporary or permanent banishment from the site with or without any warning)
(any case may be reported to the admins)

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