Eh? Commutes?
At Commutes, you can make or join a Community without the fear of a group Admin.

We believe that communities should be open without the control of Admins so the members get to decide everything through polls.

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The "Secret" Sauce

► Sauce? what?

Well, here at Commutes, there are no admins on sub-communities (or groups) known more as handles. However this does not mean that anyone is allowed to control everything. Commutes works through a system of processes that work together in order to control the flow of the handle in a democratic way. The premise is that no individual should be able to control everything however an individuals who have put in efforts to see a handle flourish should get more power than bystanders.
► Changes in a handle

Updating a handle is a long process. Before something can actually be changed, handle members need to go to the "Manage Handle" tab and click on "change", this will place their vote. When a particular attribute (like icon, tagline etc) wants to be changed by around 33% of the active members, a poll is started for the change. Only members who wanted the change can add new options in the poll, other members have can only vote.
• Polls remain open for minimum 24 hours unless 80% of the active members have already voted.
• The poll will come to a conclusion only when the most voted option has at least 33% votes from the active members.
• If 70% of the active members have voted and no option gets 33% votes after 3 days, the poll is closed and no change is made.
• All votes are not equal. Some members have more power over the handle and this affects the poll results.
► Post & User deletion

For the creator of the post, deletion is immediate however if a user tries to delete another users' post, a vote to delete the post is cast instead. If a post gets deletion votes it is accessible in the "Disliked Posts" tab in the "Manage Posts" section of the handle. Posts that are disliked are not deleted however they have gotten votes to be deleted. Users can vote for disliked posts to stay on the handle (and not be deleted) through the same tab.
• If a post gets 10 times the weight (of votes) of what the user who posted it can bear or half the handles' weighted votes are against the post, the post is moved to deleted.
• Deleted posts are not shown on the handle but they are still accessible through the "deleted posts" tab. Through there, other members can counter the decision by voting against the deletion.
• If positive votes outweigh the negative votes (by the threshold above), the post is immediately returned to its original state.
The same rules apply to users and user bans
► Invitations to Handle

On the users tab, there is a link for member invitations generated for the members of the handle, the link can be used only for 1 join and if another member or visitor opens the link, the member is able to join the handle (Useful for secret handles as this is the only method for joining secret handles).
► Pie Charts?

The statistics tab shows the "weights", but it is never shown who has what power. We recommend that a healthy handle should have 2-4 members having 30-60 share of the handle for normal behavior and control. Too much power is bad, however the creator of the handle gets additional power for a month.
► Lag on my actions?

Commutes is not updated every second. handles get updated after every 5 minutes (So even if you're the only member of the handle your action may take 5 minutes at most), Users get updated once a day, Users who haven't logged in for 2 days and handles that haven't been updated for 2 days are automatically updated. Users and handles with no activity and no points do not get updated.

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